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Whenever we record new episodes for the channel, we always record serveral at once in a single run; as many as we can, but typically 3 to 6. We refer to these batch recordings as sessions, and each session recorded is for only a single game being played on the channel, which we refer to as projects. Below is a complete list of every project we've worked on thus far; current, completed and on hold.

Current Projects Completed Projects Suspended Projects Cancelled Projects


Episode Timer

This is a JavaScript timer [coded by Stalfelz] that we use while recording videos for our YouTube channel. With it, we're able to easily keep track of where in a given recording session each episode begins and ends, as well as any key moments during an episode such as when we need to cut, speed up or otherwise alter the footage. We refer to these moments as splits.

[ Instructions ]
To use our timer, you must first set an episode length (in minutes) at the top of the page, then start the session timer [bottom, red]. Once you've done that, you may start the episode timer [top, white] when ready, which will then proceed to count down from 5 seconds. Upon reaching zero, the timer will reset itself to your specified episode length before counting down again, and a sound will play to signal the start of the episode. Once the episode timer counts back down to zero, you will hear another sound signaling that the episode should end, and the episode timer [now yellow] will begin to count forward, showing the length of time you've gone over. After going 5 minutes over, another sound will play to remind you that the episode should have ended. This sound will repeat every 5 minutes until the timer has been reset. To end an episode, simply reset the timer.

Splits will be placed automatically at the bottom of the page any time you start, pause, resume or reset the episode timer. You may also place a manual split at any time during the recording by hitting the Split button. The episode length may be set anywhere from 1 minute to 999 minutes (though why you would set it this high is beyond me). You may also set the episode length to 0 or leave blank for no time limit, which will cause the episode timer to count up instead of down to show how long each episode has gone. Once you are done recording, hit the Copy button to copy all the splits to your clipboard, then save them in a text document for use during editing.

The timer page also has hotkeys to make controlling it much easier, particularly when used with a wireless numpad containing a backspace key. Setting OBS (or other software of choice) to start recording when pressing the Start Session Timer hotkey will allow the episode timer to sync perfectly with the recording. It is recommended to open the timer page directly with a shortcut to prevent accidentally leaving the page and losing your splits when the Backspace key is pressed. Note: The webpage must be in focus for the hotkeys to work.

[ Hotkeys ]
F2 - Start Session Timer/Copy Splits
0 - Start/Pause/Resume Episode Timer
Backspace - Reset Episode Timer
Enter - Manual Split
F11 - Scale Page

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