Game Lists

In this section you'll find complete lists of every video game the TriFarce Gamers personally own, either received as gifts or personally purchased, from early childhood to present day—the ones they can remember owning or still have access to, at least. Of those titles, there are relatively few games they don't like and even fewer they regret buying, and some were simply part of a package deal. Although these lists may be large, it does not contain all the titles that they want, or at some point wanted, and will continue to grow over time as a result. As such, we will continue to update these lists with every new video game we acquire; provided they actually let Stalfelz know about the new purchase, and he remembers to add it.

Notice: If a game title is greyed out, it means the game has been lost, sold, or is not fully owned, such as games that are part of a subscription service or came pre-installed on a system.

Stalfelz's Game List Voidwalker's Game List Gannon's Game List

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